Hand Spinning & Circle Shearing of a Bulkhead Can for a Defense Contractor
Project Name Bulkhead Can
Project Description This bulkhead can is used as an electronics cover.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:

Circle Shearing

Hand Spinning



Heat Treating

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Hand Levers
Punch Press
Machinists Lathe
Overall Part Dimensions 7.250 Diameter x 2.500 Height
Tightest Tolerances ±.005 to +.005/ -.000
Material Used ASTM E8/B557 6061-0 Temper .050 Thick Aluminum Sheet
Material Finish Brushed
Chemical Film
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Dimensional Requirements
Visual Inspection
Faro Gage Inspection
Industry for Use Defense Contractor
Volume 400-600 per month
Delivery/Turnaround Time 6-8 weeks
Delivery Location Archbald, Pennsylvania